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For the Public:
Looking for a Clown for Hire?
ClownsForHire.com is actually exactly what our name implies… a website where you can find Clowns for hire! We are an “online yellow pages” or “online directory” of clowns for hire who are advertising their services to those in their respective areas who are looking for a party clown for birthday parties, a clown for corporate events, a Christian clown (for church or other religious events), clowns for public events, clowns for store openings, or clowns for various other types of events.

The way that ClownsForHire.com works is actually quite simple. You simply search for a clowns for hire in your area by making selections from the three categories on the search page:

  1. Select to search for Clowns with or without pictures in their profiles

  2. Select your Location (state, province, or nation)

  3. Select the type of clown you are looking for (party clowns, clown ministry, special events clowns, corporate entertainment clown, rodeo clown, multicultural clowns, or other type of clown).

None of the Clowns registered on ClownsForHire.com are actually employed by ClownsForHire.com. They do not pay the site any referral fees, commissions, etc. They simply pay an annual fee to advertise their services on this site. They are self-employed and, consequently, ClownsForHire.com cannot assist you with scheduling, pricing, availability, Clown party content, etc. This is information that the individual Clowns will be happy to discuss with you when you contact them. Be sure to tell them that you found them on ClownsForHire.com!


For Clowns:

Interested in registering with ClownsForHire.com?! It only costs $175 PER YEAR !

What is ClownsForHire.com?
It is the most cost-effective, cheapest way to advertise your clowning services and it will always remain that way! We are not an "agent" or "agency" or "booking service". Customers contact you directly through your listing. You only pay $175 PER YEAR! You owe us nothing else. No "referral fees". No commissions. It's that simple!

There is not a more cost-effective way to advertise your clowning services. None!

Put simply, ClownsForHire.com is an "online yellow pages" or "online directory" for Clowns to advertise their services. The sole purpose of ClownsForHire.com is to help the clowning community advertise itself to the market of those who are looking for clowns for hire. And we know how to do it! Call us if you'd like to discuss it with us! 

Who We Are Not
We are not the answer to all of your marketing needs, but we are the most effective for the cost. As the old saying goes... "you should never have all your eggs one in one basket". You should continue to market your services in many ways. Basic "Marketing 101" emphasizes the fact that you should maintain diversity in your marketing efforts and utilize several options. We are the cheapest way to advertise your clowning services and we're definitely your most cost-effective option!

We can help you with additional marketing guidance. Call us for more information.

Our Website Traffic and How to "Get Your Share"
We've been "live" since mid 1999. Our traffic has increase at the rate of 50% to 150% every year since we went live. The public is now searching for Clowns in our database over 1,500% more per month than it was only 72 months ago! To get your share:

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