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Clowns in New York City Clown

M, New York
Amaze your guests with award winning transformative face painting, outrageous balloon sculptures, st....
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Albert The Clown
B, New York
Some Of You “veterans” Out There Have Been Through This Before, But Some Of You First Time Moms ....
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Flowers The Clown
N, New York
Hi! I'm Melissa Wallace (Flowers the Clown). I've been clowning for 18 years. I am a mem....
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Jc The Clown
B, New York
Are you ready to have some fun? If your answer is yes, then you have found the right clown for your ....
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M, New York

Need REAL clown?
Give me a call :)

As seen on TV.
As seen in Magazines.<....
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Crazy Daisy
N, New York
>Crazy Daisy (aka Wendy Pincus) performs a comedy magic show with a lot of audience participation an....
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Banjo The Clown
N, New York
"WoW! Your costume and personality rocked! I'll never forget Sean's face as h....
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Zabo The Clown
F, New York
Zabo was born into show business as both his parents met in the circus. His dad was a working acr....
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Cido The Clown
Q, New York
Wow what can i say about this clown. If your looking for five star quality entertainment then this ....
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Kooky Cosmo The Clown
B, New York
Funny! Funny! Funny! Did I say funny? I mean this is one funny clown!!
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Sassi The Clown
N, New York
"Hey Sassi, You were great yesterday. The face painting was absolutely beautiful. We've h....
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Memo The Clown
N, New York
Hi I am Memo the Clown here to make your party complete by providing an unforgettably delightfully e....
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Bubbles The Clown
E, New York
Providing high quality kids entertainment is an art and my goal is to make your child's party a ....
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Kuddles The Clown
W, New York
Having a party? Invite me! Creating a memorable and hassle-free party is easy when Kuddles is th....
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Happy Tea Clown
J, New York

***** Face Painting specials for January/February and the CIT Special is also 20% of....
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