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Below is information describing the specifications of required account information and specifications of unallowable account information. Click on a topic for an explanation of each. 

Select one of the following:
1. Technical and Content Specifications of Photos
2. Converting Photos to Electronic (or "Digital") Photos for Use on the Internet
3. Redo Your Existing Digital Photo Files
4. Photo Conversion Services Available
5. Notice Regarding Photo Content


1. Technical and Content Specifications of Photos
The following is a list of requirements of any photos that you include in your profile:

  • Acceptable electronic file formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif

  • Less than 32k electronic file size

  • The image(s) must advertise the services of only your clown character (not booking agencies, clowning companies, etc). Photo content (signage, text, etc) which advertises a product or service other than the service of your own clown character is not allowable. Content of all photos must be significantly and clearly wholesome and child/family-friendly. We are very strict on this. There are NO exceptions to this requirement. NOTE: We RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE WHAT IS OR IS NOT APPROPRIATE PHOTO CONTENT. 

It is likely that you have photos of your clown character available but they may not be converted (digitized) for web usage. However, many clowns already have digitized photo files but they have not been professionally made "web-ready" to the extent that they should be for proper web usage. Below is information for both instances. <top>

2. Converting Photos to Electronic (or "Digital") Photos for Use on the Internet
If properly and professionally done, photos have a 3-step process to be best ready for web usage.

  1. A scanner (computer hardware equipment) is used to create an electronic image of your photo.

  2. Software is used to "crop" and / or resize the dimensions (width and height is usually in inches) of the photo to a size that best presents the photo content.

  3. Another software feature is used to "optimize" the photo. This is an computerized process that typically reduces the electronic file size of the digital image so that the photo gets displayed faster on a prospective customer's monitor screen. There is a distinctive difference between actual photo dimensions and electronic file size. If not professionally and properly "optimized", this process can cause the photo to look poorly, which, of course, can make you, the clown, look unprofessional. Photo optimization is the biggest problem that clowns experience with managing their clown accounts. Because of this, we offer the service of preparing photos for your clown account profile (see "Photo Conversion Services" below). <top>

3. Existing Digital Photo Files
Many clowns already have existing digital photos. Very often these photos have been converted to electronic format but are not professionally "cropped", properly resized, and/or properly "optimized" and, consequently, do not meet certain specifications (see "Technical Specifications of Photos" above). It is very common for us to provide the service to correct this problem for clowns. We charge $10 per photo, or $35 for 5 photos, for this service. See "Photo Conversion Services" below for more information. <top>

4. Photo Conversion Services
We have converted hundreds of pictures for clowns who are registered with us. Our graphic artist only charges $10 each or you can visit a Kinko's or a local graphic artist's business - either one usually charges a nominal fee of about $10 - $15 per picture for converting the photo to an electronic file, resizing it, and then optimizing it. If you want us to do it for you, all you have to do is email the photo file to or mail the photos to us that you want converted. If you wish to have them mailed back to you, please include an additional $5 (for all of them - not per photo). 
Contact us for mailing address.

Our graphic artist will make the photo(s) web-ready and optimal for use in your account and/or any other web-related advertisement you may currently have or might have in the future. If you wish to have do this for you, send $10 for each photo via to info  at  clowns for hire .com (Paypal is a company owned by eBay for making payments online) The subject of the email should be: ClownsForHire - Digital Photos and the note should be your clown name and Location. IMPORTANT: Without your clown name and Location, we will not know which account the photos are for. DO NOT FORGET THIS!! Additionally, simple instructions are provided on the home page of Paypal.

We'll have the work done within a day or two of receipt of the payment and we'll send you the files via email. <top>

We reserve the right to strictly monitor what we feel is or is not child or family-friendly photo content in each clown's profile on our site. It is regrettable that there must be a level of "policing" regarding content that will not be allowed in the profile registrations of some Clowns. There always seems to be a "bad apple in every barrel" and occasionally, someone will try to use the service of to propagate an agenda that is not conducive to what we feel is simple, clean Clowning entertainment suitable for traditional, mainstream, wholesome, "children-friendly" family entertainment. We like to test content material by asking the following question about it: Is it mainstream, wholesome, "children-friendly" and family-suitable? If not (or even possibly not), then it is not allowed. If, when trying to determine content suitability that might possibly be marginally suitable, then assuming a "better-safe-than-sorry" posture would probably be beneficial to you because that subject content will likely not be allowed. NOTE THAT CLOWNSFORHIRE.COM RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE ALLOWABLE CONTENT. Content which is slanderous, hateful, or generally adversarial or derogatory towards an individual or group is not allowed on Services promoting or offering services with any type or degree of sexual implication,  "cross-gender dressing", dating or escort services disguised or uniformed as clowns, or otherwise similar services are not allowed on Soft or hard core sexually oriented content or products, evil content with "spiritual" implications, wizardry, witchery, hints of dealings with the nature of the occult, as well as other new-age mysticism content is not exemplary of content allowable on or accessible through This includes, but is not limited to textual content, graphic artwork, pictorial content, audio/video content (whether streaming or not), etc. Additionally not allowed are links from to other websites whose content is similar to the aforementioned. Please note that all new or modified registrations will most likely be reviewed within 1 to 10 working days of posting and those that have disallowed content will be promptly removed without notice. No exceptions will be made. We simply ask that content provided in a registration on would be suitable for children and/or wholesome, family-oriented viewing. We encourage anyone and everyone using any of the services provided by to please notify us if you discover content on with material inclusive of any of the aforementioned disallowed forms or types of content.

If we remove one or more photos that you included in your clown profile, feel free to re-upload the photo (or a different one) when it has been modified it to fit the specifications as described in the instructions found on this page and/or your Account Home Page. Please note that our system sends us an email notifying us of any and every change made to anyone's account, regardless of the size or type of the change. We personally review every change to make sure that all requirements are complied with and, more importantly, to monitor for appropriate content in order to maintain a child/family-friendly site. We ask everyone to please respect this. <top>

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