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Miss Loosie in Calgary Calgary area of Alberta -

Miss Loosie

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Miss Loosie is a clown in Calgary Alberta and clowns in the Calgary area of Alberta.

Contact information for Miss Loosie:
Telephone (403) 836-4628
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  Calgary Alberta T2C 1M2

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Description of Services provided by Miss Loosie in Calgary Alberta:
Miss Loosie is a professional clown who uses the power of humour to comfort, educate, entertain and heal. Miss Loosie or a.k.a Cheryl Ann Oberg is part of a growing community of humour therapists from around the world. Clowning around Calgary for 25 years, Miss Loosie is an accomplished speaker, humour therapist, entertainer, face painter, balloon artist, storyteller and Therapeutic Clown. Humour is a healing and coping tool for life, says Oberg. Whether its using humour in the face of illness, an accident, or death it allows the human race a way to cope. There are four areas of clowning: Entertainer clown, educational clown, clown ministry, and Miss Loosie’s favorite category . . . caring clown. I have had so many great experiences because of the way that people open up to Miss Loosie, says Oberg. To have someone open their arms to you is an invitation to love; and its not just kids-- its adults to. Humour is her passion. Miss Loosie can also be found spreading cheer at schools, special events, corporate functions, picnics, weddings, business promotions and family reunions throughout Alberta. Despite a busy schedule of volunteering and entertaining, Miss Loosie can also be found teaching. She teaches other people interested in clowning through various workshops such as Clown Fun and Clowns Canada. Miss Loosie can be found teaching the benefits of play and humour at teachers conferences and healthcare meetings as well as in the workplace through her Humour Funshop. Miss Loosie is a member of Clowns of America International, Clowns Canada, Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor, Tourism Calgary, Past President of Lets Clown Around Alley #191, and is the founder and founder of Calgary’s Caring Clown Association. Miss Loosie is also a Certified Laughter Leader with the World Laughter Tour.

ACHIEVEMNETS Cheryl Ann Oberg was chosen CLOWN OF THE YEAR at Clown Fun 2002 a Western Canadian Conference at the University of Calgary, by her peers. In December 2002, Avenue Magazine featured Miss Loosie as one of top ten Calgarians making a difference in the lives of children. In December 2002, CTV did a Canada wide feature on the benefits of laugher clubs, featuring Cheryl Ann Oberg. Alberta Parent Quarterly featured Miss Loosie in the February 2003 edition. Global Television and the YWCA has selected Cheryl Ann Oberg as A WOMAN OF VISION for April 2003. May 2004 Cheryl Ann Oberg was honored by Flare Magazine in Toronto for the 8th Annual Flare Volunteer Award for Community and Leadership in Canada. December 2004 the Alberta Government and the Wild Rose Foundation selected Miss Loosie as A Star of the Millenium and was inducted into the Volunteer Wall of Fame at the Alberta Legislative Building in Edmonton!

Type(s) of services provided by Miss Loosie:

  • General Clowning Around
  • Childrens Entertainment
  • Clown Ministry
  • Female Clown
  • Balloon Twisting Sculpting
  • Face Painting
  • Corporate Events Clown
  • Juggling
  • Multicultural Clown
  • Party Clowns
  • Puppetry
  • Cowboy Clowns
  • Special Events Clowning
  • Storytelling
  • Unicycling


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