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Pappagallo is a clown in South Orange New Jersey and clowns in the Essex County area of New Jersey.

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Telephone 212-712-7435
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  South Orange New Jersey 07079

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Description of Services provided by Pappagallo in South Orange New Jersey:
Balloon Sculptures and Clown Magic!!! Parties include: A clown comedy magic show, pin-the-nose-on the-clown, and balloon sculptures. I DO NOT DO FACE PAINTING. Birthday parties last around one and a half to two hours depending on the number of guests. I will gladly adjust the length of my show to accommodate your party plans. Available for all occasions. NEW! REAL COOL BALLOON SCHOOL! Designed for older kids and adults who would like to learn balloon twisiting! Make your next party a Real Cool Balloon School party! Great for Doctors and Teachers! Call for details. Member of the the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International. Winner of the 2002-2003 World Clown Association's Editors' Award of Excellence. Founder of the Downtown Clowns youth clowning program. Excellent references and fully insured. NOTE!!! DURING THE MONTHS OF JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST, I PERFORM ONLY AT THOSE EVENTS TO BE HELD IN DOORS WITH AIRCONDITIONING. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. References: Child's Birthday Party:1) Rick Morales: 212-352-5743. 2) Rocco Marchetta: cell- 908-217-3245 and work- 609-897-5907. 3) Company Holiday Party: Cheryl Lavery, SVP Human Resources, Centre Solutions, NYC Tel: 212-859-2698. 4)Eileen Hogan, MOTOROLA, South Plainfield, NJ, Tel: 908-822-5693.
I am a New Jersey based clown who first got involved in clowning while in acting school in New York City. Since then I have entertained at countless birthday parties, corporate picnics and holiday parties, street fairs, parades, churches and schools providing quality clown magic, balloon twisting and clown hilarity up and down the east coast. I have extensive experience, maintain a professional appearance and am committed to providing you with the highest quality clown entertainment available anywhere. I am fully professional, fully insured, always on time and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Just ask any of the satisfied customers listed above.
I am a member of both the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International. I teach a youth clowning course called Downtown Clowns and am the recipient of the first World Clown Association's Editor's Award of Excellence for an article I wrote on my experience putting together the Downtown Clowns youth clowning program.

People often ask how I got started in clowning. Like a lot of great things in life, it came unexpectedly. I was in my second year at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York City when it all started. I was completing my professional acting degree when a fellow actor and I began a rather silly improvisation about two clowns throwing imaginary pies at each other, juggling, riding unicycles and slipping on imaginary banana peels. It became a kind of running joke between the two of us. Imagine my surprise when my friend told me his father is a surgeon and went to medical school with Patch Adams!

As part of our studies at the Neighborhood Playhouse, we studied ballet, jazz and modern dance. Part of the graduation requirements for the dance program was a final presentation. In jazz we were asked to choreograph movement to sixteen bars of any music we would like. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to put together until I went home for the Thanksgiving break. While I was home, my family and I watched an old Red Skelton tape live from Canada. When Red sat down in front of a mirror and applying make up transformed himself into Freddie the Free Loader, I knew exactly what I was going to do for my final jazz dance piece.

The next day I went to the Thrift Store and bought an oversized, loud, checkered suit with matching vest and found myself an old top hat from a play I had done years before, broke out my actor's make up kit and made my face up like a hobo. Perfect! Having the costume and character solid in my mind, I went back to New York and put five different pieces of Vaudeville type music together culminating with the overture from the Broadway show Gypsy.

My dance piece took a few months to put together and the finished product was spectacular. It told the story of a hobo thrown out onto the street who begs for money and food until a kind passerby offers him a job. The hobo is given a mop and bucket and proceeds to starts mopping the floor. When the overture from Gypsy kicks in, the hobo starts dancing using the mop as a cane, then turns it over and dances a waltz with it as if it were a woman with long hair. In the end he tosses the mop back in the bucket, quits and walks smack into the door and falls flat on his back to the final beat of the music.

After I graduated from acting school, I received a call from the Neighborhood Playhouse explaining that a teacher from Greenwich, Connecticut was looking for someone from the school to come and teach a clowning class as part of the school's student fair and would I be interested in doing it. I took the job. I did some research, talked to some clowns, bought some supplies, learned a magic trick or two and put it all together in preparation for the job at the school. Ultimately, the teacher called to cancel the job citing not enough interest on the part of the students. In preparing for the job, though, I became very interested in clowning.

I was nearing the end of my first year teaching at Saint Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark, NJ, when the dean of faculty reminded us that Spring Phase would soon be upon us and the deadline for all new course proposals was just around the corner. I'd been giving this a lot of thought since it was explained to me at my hiring that the school teaches a Spring and Summer Phase in addition to the traditional academic year. The philosophy behind Spring Phase is to offer courses that are more experiential and "hands on" than the more academic classes offered during the regular school year. Being a clown and a member of the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International, it seemed only appropriate that I offer a clown course, of course! Thus it was that "Downtown Clowns" was added to the spring curriculum as CA 101 (Circus Arts 101!)

Combining my experience in the classroom, my years of clowning and my years of acting in New York City, I put together a four-week course that exposes students to the history of clowning, aspects of building a clown character, make up and costume construction and finally, clown skits and performance. The article I wrote on my experience putting this course together was awarded the Editor's Award Of Excellence by the World Clown Association for the year 2002-2003.

Downtown Clowns volunteer on a regular basis at charitable events, schools and festivals. They are scheduled to volunteer soon at a National Cancer Society walk-a-thon where they will twist balloons for the participants as well as bring joy and laughter to the crowds.

Type(s) of services provided by Pappagallo:

  • Childrens Entertainment
  • Male Clown
  • Balloon Twisting Sculpting
  • Corporate Events Clown
  • Party Clowns


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