Balloon Twister in Portland Oregon

Balloon Twister in Portland Oregon

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Balloon Twister in Portland Oregon: 
Bizzy The Clown 

Bizzy the Clown will provide strolling entertainment or a comedy magic show for your guests, using silly props and funny routines to get the audience in the mood for fun. Using a magical gift box, Bizzy can bring small gifts in any theme for your event.

Bizzy will bring balloons in a variety of colors and sizes to make fancy balloon hats and animals for those who really want to look like they are having fun. Good luck comes to those who wear their hats.

If its facepainting you want, lo...(more)

Balloon Twister in Portland Oregon: 
Stevie Weevie 
Stevie Weevie the clown provides a versatile array of services!

Stevie Weevie provides services for birthday parties, picnics, business promotions and grand openings, festivals and fairs, church events, or wherever he is needed.

Activities he provides can include face painting, balloon twisting, storytelling, games, singing, crafts, magic, and clown ministry.

A standard party package includes storytelling, comedy magic, singing, age appropriate games, face painting, ball...(more)

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