Balloon Twisting in New York New York

Balloon Twisting in New York New York

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Balloon Twisting in New York New York: 
Full-time face painter jester clown since 1991, specializing in festivals, parades, carnivals and other large-scale public events including big fairs and sporting venues, live interactive body-art stage shows for night clubs and contests. BIRTHDAY PARTIES and believe it or not WEDDINGS? Hey here is a trend for ya. Affiliation with Central Park and South Street Seaport performers programs.
P.S. I can dress in clown attire although I prefer rather no threatening solutions like your traditional ...(more)

Balloon Twisting in New York New York: 
Clown / character available for childrens parties, singing telegrams, nursing homes, corporate, and special events.

A former childhood education major, Polkadots and her other self (known as Susan) have had featured appearances on "The Charles Grodin Show", "CNN 7:00 News", VH1's "Sledgehammer", as well as various public access shows. She's also a 3 time winner of the "Henry Williams Comedy Show" as well as a couple of other comedy conte...(more)

Balloon Twisting in New York New York: 
Do you want a real talented professional clown at your next event? Want to hear the sound of laughter from children and adults? With 20 years under her belt and satisfied clients such as Mick Jagger, Puff Daddy and Al Roker, and her work with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, Toot-a-Loo offers an hysterical interactive family comedy variety show suitable for ages 3 and up. With little make-up, high energy, great improv skills, and sensitivity to the young kids, she begins her show with a sh...(more)

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