Balloon Sculpture in UK - England

Balloon Sculpture in UK - England

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Balloon Sculpture in UK - England: 
Telephone number is 01325 288338 Blewy the clown is as daft as a Goat Over six feet tall in a big blue coat. Curly white hair under a big white hat. That\'s not padding, he really is fat! He has big feet, big smile, red nose,bells on his leg and hooter that blows. He jokes and laughs and carries on. He will ask you your name then get it wrong. Big in laughs with balloons galore and when you think he\'s finished he makes some more. He twists balloons at 100 an hour. Dogs, sw...(more)

Balloon Sculpture in UK - England: 
Mels Magical Parties 
Mels Magical Parties. Looking for a Professional & Reliable entertainer, Mels Magic can provide Magic, juggling, a live rabbit, games and competitions (sweets and prizes included), puppets, balloon modelling, mini disco with bubbles and more. Circus skills workshops are avaliable to teach you how to juggle Uni-cycle, Plate-spinning, diabolo and even stilt walking. Face painting can transform children (even adults!) into tigers, princess, butterflys, the list is endless!! For Show...(more)

Balloon Sculpture in UK - England: 
Smartie Artie 
Smartie Artie or also known as Smarty Arty. Professional and reliable childrens enteratiner, providing Comedy Magic, balloons, puppets, live rabbit and Dove, games and competitions. Available for Birthday parties, Christenings, weddings, schools, playgroups, corporate events and more. Also Comedy Car and Walkaboutables are avaliable. Member of The Magic Circle, Equity and CRB approved. Please call (01582) 762606....(more)

Balloon Sculpture in UK - England: 
Furry Foot The Clown 
Children from 1 to 101 entertained.
Parties,fetes, fairs, carnivals, festivals, parades.
Very silly slap stick in the traditional clown style, either on my own or with my brother Big Foot (The Foot Brothers, he's big and Im furry) also ballons, circus workshops, stilts, face painting in fact the complete human circus experiance can be arranged including a bigish Big Top.
And dont forget where ever Furry Foot Goes he always travels in his wonderful old London taxi Big Betty....(more)

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