Balloon Twister in New Jersey

Balloon Twister in New Jersey

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Balloon Twister in New Jersey: 
Balloon Sculptures and Clown Magic!!! Parties include: A clown comedy magic show, pin-the-nose-on the-clown, and balloon sculptures. Birthday parties last around one and a half to two hours depending on the number of guests. I will gladly adjust the length of my show to accommodate your party plans. Available for all occasions. NEW! REAL COOL BALLOON SCHOOL! Designed for older kids and adults who would like to learn balloon twisiting! Make your next party a Real Cool Ball...(more)

Balloon Twister in New Jersey: 
Family Entertainer for over 20 years. Comedy Magic, Face Painting, Balloons Sculptures, Storytelling. Birthday Partys are my specialty!...(more)

Balloon Twister in New Jersey: 
Silly Willy The Magician 
Silly Willy the Magician is a fun family entertainer. He has been
delighting paying
audiences for over 18 years. He performs classics of
magic like the linking rings, cut
and restored rope, and the ever famous
rabbit out of the hat trick with a unique brand of
comedy magic that is
interactive, enchanting and perplexing.

Off stage, Silly
Willy is actually Orlando Cuevas. Orlando has been
performing magic since the age of
15 years. He is a member ...(more)

Balloon Twister in New Jersey: 
Moogie The Clown 
Moogie is MORE than just a clown...
Award Winning Full Face Transformative Face Paintings!!!
Outrageous Balloon Twisting!!!
Hot New Glitter Temporary Tattoos!!!
last 3-5 days, even in water!
Hand Painted Temporary Tattoos (lasts 3-5 days)
Safety and educational programs!!!
Preschool and elementary school saftey programs focusing on preventing head injuries. She also provides multicultural storytelling with balloons progr...(more)

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