Balloon Twisting in AUSTRALIA

Balloon Twisting in AUSTRALIA

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Balloon Twisting in AUSTRALIA: 
Tip Top Tom 
Being one of the fastest balloon twisters you've ever seen makes his talent in great demand for malls, restaurants and crowded events. You'd have a hard time coming up with an animal that he cannot create out of balloons! If you don't just want a speed twister, you can also WOW your customers and hire Tip Top Tom to create larger balloon sculptures made from 5 to 10 balloons. That...(more)

Balloon Twisting in AUSTRALIA: 
Lofty, Mymo & Tales 
Lofty - Parties, picnics, fetes, fevtivals, shopping centres, schools, pre-schools and special events. Face painting balloon animals and shows.

Mymo - Mime, Balloon animals, face painting. Mainly formal shows.

Tales - Storytelling. Schools, pre-schools and school holiday programs....(more)

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