Balloon Twisting in UK - Wales

Balloon Twisting in UK - Wales

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Balloon Twisting in UK - Wales: 
Chirpy offers: Comedy Magic, balloon modeling, puppets,
Music, Stilt Walking, which is ideal for Fun Days,
Promotions, Store/Product Launches, Outdoor Events and
of course Childrens Parties. Why not visit my web site? Go
on you know you want to!...(more)

Balloon Twisting in UK - Wales: 
Erbie the Clown 
hi there my name is jeff(erbie the clown) i can supply you with all your childrens party entertainment from 3yrs to 8yrs to include music,magic shows,singalong songs, dancing,party games and balloon modelling i can also provide walkabout entertainment for all your corprate events open days fetes,galas,carnavls ect distance no object and available at short notice ...(more)

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