Balloon Twisting in Stroudsburg

Balloon Twisting in Stroudsburg

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Balloon Twisting in Stroudsburg: 
Brushes The Clown 
Brushes the Clown has been clowning around the Pocono's & New Jersey for the past 7 years. She has performed at Pocono resorts such as: Tamiment, Camelbeach, the Chateau, Fernwood, Pocmont, Memorytown, Pocono Manor, Mountain Manor, Shawnee, the Shawnee Balloon Festival, Split Rock, Caesars, & others.
Brushes has also clowned around at Daycares, Schools, Corporations, Camp Grounds, Grand Openings, Fairs, the Freedom Festival, Wedding Receptions, Parades, Promotional, & Charity ...(more)

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